What is Universal Health Care

The right of health belongs to every citizen; all social members should not be discriminated because of the different factors such as societal status, income, geographical features, gender and age. Every member of society is entitled to choose their personal medical insurance system according to their economic capacity, which is an equal opportunity issue. Covering all people by several medical insurance systems is the goal of new health reform in China.

As the trends of urban-rural integration development and household registry reform, it begins to bring up the thought of the true basic unified health insurance and discuss the necessity from the viewpoint of collective politics and economics. There are many problems in China’s contemporary health insurance market, such as coverage is not broad, vulnerable groups are not covered by medical insurance and services and use of the health insurance is imbalance. However, the problem of coverage is the most glaring problem.
Universal Medicare of meaning, a is everyone enjoyed basic of medical guarantees, second is we to some public health service, best can less sick, not sick, this is best of, so this inside said of, everyone enjoyed of universal Medicare, is refers to Government must established or held let in urban and rural areas all citizens are can participate in of medical insurance, makes all of people illness hire are can from Government held of medical insurance system there get help, all crowd not points status, identity, gender, area, income are equal, this only called universal enjoy.
People care about the most expensive. Difficult issues is expected to be alleviated.

In fact, throughout the world, various countries offer healthcare universally, to all their citizens, in public-private combinations, and not through single-payer systems. Examples of these countries are Germany. The Netherlands and Singapore. It is even suggested that Singapore has the most successful health system in the world, with long life expectancies, and low infant mortality rates.

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