Universal Health Care–Good for Everyone

Health care reform involves the life and dignity of every citizen, but also reflects the conscience of a country and the government. From 1912, President Theodore Roosevelt proposed a universal health care plan, Obama out of the historic step, it was 100 years ago. This is so disrespectful, that differences with social values (freedom force), partisanship (Democratic Republican wars), sources of financing (by tax or tax breaks) and many other factors. Although both systems are different, but the result of successful Obama can still give us some worthwhile lessons.

First of all, to achieve “universal health care” to assume the primary responsibility of the Government. “Everyone has access to basic medical health care” has become a global consensus, but a wealthy market economy, personal freedom and charity alone cannot solve the problem full coverage of basic health care services. After all, the “universal health care” is the government’s responsibility.

barrack Obama’s healthcare reform, the Federal Government to subsidize low-income sandwich class to purchase medical insurance, further reducing older people’s health care spending, so the Government out of more than 900 billion dollars for 10; Act requires insurance cannot be declined due to illness, also set up to compete with insurance companies of State-based insurance exchanges. Although these measures were based on conservative strongly questions of individual freedom and against, but in the case of individuals and markets cannot solve the problem, that legitimate government interference and intervention may be the least bad solution.

Secondly, the equitable principles of health reform policies in favour of susceptible groups. Bum’s health care reform, by widening the scope of subsidies and drive down the price of insurance schemes covering “sandwich class”. Subsidies where money come from? Of hemorrhage and vested interests of the rich, the programme on medical tax wealthy individuals earning more than $ 200,000, 40% Medicare levy consumption tax on high and reform of the health services industry to also reduce the relevant charges with. For China’s medical reform, inequality than the United States more complicated and prominent, how to cancel Medicare two-track system, a unified system of primary health care to ensure that vulnerable groups such as farmers, migrant workers, urban poor, are issues worthy of our careful consideration.

Third, fostering community, and develop a win-win scenario, the biggest may reduce resistance. Bum’s health care reform programmes involving United States various interest groups, including doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are affected, those sectors strong economic power, strong political lobbying capacity. The Obama administration launched a large-scale “United Front” work. Following consultations, the aobamachenggong won the advanced medical technology association, the United States Association of physicians, United States Hospital Association, the United States health insurance Association, United States pharmaceutical research and Manufacturers Association, the service employees International Union supports their commitment to voluntary service during the 2010-2019 period and product costs US $ 80 billion. In return, the unequivocal commitment by the Obama administration to protect technological advantages of bio-pharmaceutical company, also promised to take into account in designing health care reform programme 6 associations sectors of interest. In upholding the principles on the basis of taking into account the legitimate aspirations of different sectors, maximum reduction of resistance is also indispensable factors for Obama to implement on time.

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