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Different Universal Health Care from Other Countries

In most developed countries and some developing countries, universal coverage has been achieved, either as governments try to advance as a matter of policy. Establishment of universal coverage is exactly “high cost” a good solution of the problem.

Once all people are obtained has medical protection, medical costs on can in all people Zhijian assessed, and not only by patients burden, to each a a patients for doctor natural on not your has; low-income who also not because costs problem and to medical service away; protection of organizers also on became medical service of purchase who, medical service buyers and sellers market power contrast not balance of problem also on solved.

Universal health care can be established, of course, the relationship between a country’s level of economic development must, however, not completely. In fact, quite a number of strengthening countries have established a system of universal health care. Comprehensive health care system cannot only promote social equity, but also can contribute to economic growth.

United Kingdom

National health service (NHS), which is organized and managed the Government medical institution, access to free medical services to residents; the health care system is a typical system of vertical from top to bottom; service system is a dual referral system; medical expenses 80% per cent of government revenue and the rest from private medical insurance. Disadvantages of this mode is a lengthy queue waiting time to unimaginable, even being diagnosed with cancer patients have to wait up to a year’s time only for medical treatment.

Germany model

Universal health care insurance system, the separation of health insurance and the health care system, employers and employees contribute to Medicare as a third party payment, insurance agencies and institutions (public, private) contracting to provide services not covered by the provision of medical services by the Government. Mandatory obligations of persons below a specified income, 320 in the statutory health insurance agencies across the country to choose a participation.
United States

Is the only developed country without universal coverage scheme. Personal health insurance, with the exception of individual purchase of insurance, mainly employers voluntarily provide group health insurance to employees and their dependent. The United States health care system a lot of problems are the world’s most advanced medical technology and the most expensive medical costs, and on the other are tens of millions of impoverished people can’t afford the medical treatment. Nonetheless, since Mr Obama took office, pushing universal health care bill. Focus on vulnerable groups especially new healthcare reform.

Thailand models

Typical of the developing countries to establish a sound health-care system. At the beginning of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra took office in 2001, began to promote the “30-baht medical care scheme”. Unique patients pay only 30 baht, with the remainder covered by the state, cost 800 billion baht from the government’s Special Fund expenditures. Nevertheless, the stability of the welfare system is not strong. As he stepped down, the plan is likely to end.